Why go to the effort?

We want to help build a world with more access to creative sexual exploration. The current state of commercial sex machines is not inspiring!

Design Goals

Furniture sized sex machines are not ideal for most people. We want something you can put in a drawer, or slide under the bed in a hurry.

An oscillating dildo is better than one that doesn’t move.. but it isn’t intuitive or inspiring. A responsive sex machine should be intuitive, and flexible. It should respond to your needs quickly in real time.

Low Cost
We are not creating the absolute cheapest possible machine, but it should be affordable so that the most people can actually use it.

Perhaps you never thought a sex machine should be friendly, but we do! We want people to look at it and want to reach out and touch it. It shouldn’t look like a machine. A sex toy shouldn’t sound like drilling holes in the wall either, it should make some attempt to be discreet and stay out of your way while you focus on more important things.

Lets Build it!

What you will need

Access to 3D printer (100x100mm is fine)
Set of metric allen keys or hex drivers
USB charger to power controller
Items from Bill of Materials below

Varsol – to clean bearing and rail
Plain oil – 3 in 1, or anything that isn’t in an aerosol (aka WD40)
Soldering iron – not required, but could make your life easier

Bill of Materials



These parts can still be used to make the original OSSM body and be used with the new OSSM body – the best experience for an OSSM user will be to move to the reference servo build.

Links on Amazon change rapidly, if you search the bolded name of the part you will quickly find relevant results. In future we will link the AliExpress parts as well, or you can again search the bolded part names and find them easily. Cost on AliExpress is less than 50% of Amazon, but instead of getting parts tomorrow it will be 4-8 weeks.

BoM cost using next day Amazon: $160 CAD ($120 USD)

  • 3D printed parts linked below
  • Nema23 Stepper Motor 6.35mm shaft (1/4″) Amazon
  • GT2 Timing Belt qty 200mm Amazon (Pulleys have wrong inner diameter, but this is the cheapest belt option)
  • 20 Tooth GT2 Pulley qty 1 – 6.35mm ID Amazon
  • Bearings 5x11x4mm qty 4 – (IDxODxThickness) Amazon
  • Linear Bearing MGN12H qty any length you want, recommend at least 250mm (MGNH and MGN are different bearings, make sure it has the “H”!) Amazon
  • Stepper Driver TB6600 – 4A driver Amazon
  • Arduino Microcontroller (anything you can compile Arduino onto will be okay) Link is for ATmega Amazon
  • Power Supply 24V 2A Amazon (this is for 3A supply due to availability)
  • Rotary Potentiometers 10K linear qty 2 Amazon
  • Metric Socket Cap Screws M3 M4 M5 (this is great for OSSM and almost any other project you might do) Amazon
  • Jumper Wires (standard jumpers) Amazon

Design Resources

Github – includes hardware files and down and dirty “get it moving” Arduino code

3D printed parts

An image of version 0.2 hardware. It is purple and black and awesome.

What about an air-stroker attachment? Let’s give it a try!

Thanks to the folks at Reseach and Desire for handling a lot of the hardware testing on this project!