It was a lazy Sunday afternoon when an Amazon package was delivered to my partner and I’s door. We opened the package and lo and behold there was a brand new suction cup dildo inside. My partner had recently gone to one of those indoor battle axe throwing places and with that idea fresh in our minds we picked up the dildo and hurled it at our big bedroom window and amazingly it stuck with ease! We repeated this fun little game a few times laughing and thinking “this is great, let’s make a game out of it” and so that is what we did.

Introducing Dil-darts! The game that is a kinky cross between battle axe throwing and classic darts! There are different levels of difficulty depending on what type of dildo is your weapon of choice. Here are a couple fun examples we used as well as the target we set up. The target is just paper we purchased on Amazon with some clear plastic on top.