The community enthusiasm for this event has been very encouraging. Those who have participated have expressed the value they see in such an event. There are multiple examples of the maker’s spirit over the last few months that have been exciting to witness.

3D Print & Lighting by @coincident

The Kinky Maker’s event was envisioned as place for skills to be shared and practiced. To this end I believe we have been very successful. I have witnessed multiple people work on projects they would previously not have attempted. I have seen members pick up a skill, discuss it, and take it to new levels. I have also witnessed many great conversations of kinky minds encouraging and supporting each other’s endeavours.

Self-reflection must be part of making sure you are on the right path. I want this idea to succeed, and as such I have been trying to evaluate where we are at and where we need to be. While the enthusiasm for the space and the products of the space has been encouraging, unfortunately, attendance has not. While this was supposed to be a not-for-profit venture, the membership fees were enacted to help try to build a fund to provide additional tools and programming for makers.

I believe removing this barrier to entry would encourage attendance and get back to the core idea of a place to gather, discuss, and make. So effective immediately we will be eliminating membership fees. However, this does require a change so we will for the foreseeable future be meeting only once a month. The last Sunday of each month will be the Kinky Maker’s meetup. Sunday, March 31st will be the last weekly event, and the Monthly events will start on Sunday April 27th 2019.

Toy chooser built by @Jetstream1999

In between meetups, I would like to try and encourage a more lively discussion and sharing of projects online. I have found the ability to hold a discussion on FetLife underwhelming mostly due to the discussion features, like notifications, that are lacking. There are a few options that come to mind; A Whats-app group, a Reddit subreddit, or even a message board on

My suggestion that the current best option for gathering a community online is actually a Discord discussion. It allows a persistence of discussion, is cross platform / browser based, and has a robust notification system. I invite you to join and give it a try at

The specific space where we gather online is not as important as avoiding fragmentation and encouraging participation. If there are any suggestions for alternatives, please let me know!