We are proud to announce the start of a weekly maker meet-up at Discreet Odyssey’s 1600 sq.ft. community space. Join us for our weekly session: to work on projects, start new ones and make use of a selection of tools and expertise.

What is Kinky Making? The maker movement brings together communities of people, in cities around the world, who desire to share space with people who share common interests. They come together to collaborate on ideas and share resources. We intend to facilitate a space for those interested in working on and sharing kinky ideas.

All skill levels are welcome! We aim to have a welcoming space for those who are new to working on their own projects. Come share the space, your ideas and interests, and get advice on how to complete your project.

For the more seasoned maker, we hope to offer a space for community idea sharing, troubleshooting more technical problems and access to more specialized tools.

The sharing of knowledge is our top priority! We hope that having a variety of people working in one space will simultaneously grow expertise and foster new ideas.

Have a skill you want to share? We intend to offer workshops led by those who can feature a special skill or technique of interest. From beginner to advanced, reach out to begin collaborating now!

Join us for our first meeting, and help shape what this space will look Iike. As a work-in progress, the Kinky Maker space will be asking for comments on the various needs of the community, how you want us to grow, and adequate avenues for funding.