It was a frigid day that made commuting difficult, yet a few brave souls made it out to work on some projects and swap some exciting ideas 🙂

This week had a comfy place (to the right of the picture) for those who want to sit back and work on some creative endeavors or just hang out and chat.  Let us know your thoughts @kinkymakers 

A fun project, by @need2dom, demonstrated the value of having our space. Their work area at home lacked the necessary tools to finish a serving tray he had been working on. He was finally able to see the project completed, by using our leather working tools to make the necessary holes for attaching some belts. We hope that in the future, people will take on more ambitious projects, knowing that they will have support and access to tools, here at the Makers space!

A wonderful serving tray by @need2dom

While @need2dom was working on the serving tray, he also had a neat item printing on the 3D Printer: it was a ring, to slip around a Violet Wand, in order to keep it from rolling around. It was so simple, but just genius and (I am thinking), a great item to remix and use on those pesky Magic Wands, which like to roll around.

Look at that! It stays in place. 

As a wonderful addition to the day, some were pursuing creative projects, with a few people colouring and drawing art work. Amidst the plethora of tools in our space, we had neglected the essentialness of the humble pencil sharpener! Luckily @SubSyerrah came to the rescue by quickly sourcing the sharpener and securing it for use. Yet another reason you can’t beat our maker community!

In the true maker’s spirit she identified a problem and crafted a solution!

Finally, even @Dom_Master_J was able to eek out some time, and use one of his many skills, to assemble a leather kit. I can imagine it will have alternate uses from what Tandy originally intended…

I’m curious to see what this will hold 🙂

Membership Fees

We have explored a few options and tried to think through the membership structure.

Patreon was suggested as an avenue to collect membership and raise funds. Unfortunately Patreon has high processing fees and overhead, making it less suitable for collecting straight up membership fees. That being said, it could be a way to ask for support from the broader community, once they see the value of the space and building this community.

To that end, I encourage everyone to post and share your maker projects and plans, anywhere you feel comfortable. For those who want to share, but don’t know where or how, e-mail digital files to, and I will make sure they are posted in the appropriate places ☺

Monthly membership fees are currently set at:

$20/Month (paid 6 months in advanced)

$25/Month (paid month to month)

$10/Visit – Day Pass

Prices are exclusive of HST. Debit, Credit Card, and Cash are accepted on Maker Days. Questions can be directed to

Thank You! 

To everyone supporting us – the energy and excitement has been encouraging and I hope it continues as we grow 🙂