All I can say is…

I am taken aback by the energy and enthusiasm during the first meet up, thank you all for coming out and contributing to the beginnings of our community.

Also, a big thank you to our hosts at Discreet Odyssey, without them we would not have a place to come together and collaborate!

Room setup – Waiting for the makers to join ๐Ÿ™‚

I was so impressed with the fun range of projects people brought out and dreamed up during our first meet up.

There were a few people engaging in leather work and sewing projects. A strap cutter was carefully being employed to create the blanks required for a custom collar. A beautifully carved pillory was receiving special attention with carefully sewn vinyl padding.

we had one project which was particularly intersting, as it really encapsulated the spirit of the Kinky Makers meet-ups to be a place of learning, collaboration, and skill-building.

The project was a set of dice; one labelled with implements, the other with body parts for those implements to be used on. The task seemed simple enough: model a cube, put some words on each side, and send it to the printer. What followed was almost 9 hours of trial and error, learning, and collaboration!

@cristata had a vision of how the dice should be made and would not allow the default fonts and font tools of Fusion 360 get in her way! @cristata had a great grasp of illustrator, and used it to perfect the font style and spacing on the die faces. It turned out that these images, while easy enough to import, did not make for an easy assembly (such is life!).

@Capt-Pointybones worked together with @cristata to figure out how to import the words, paste them on cubes pre-built with the correct borders on the corners.

The dedication to a particular vision made a valuable learning experience for everyone! It’s the act of working through a problem, and not wavering on the end goal, that creates the best learning outcomes and is a great example of how this Maker community can work together!

The result of a lot of work and learning!

The dice can be downloaded to remix or print as is from Thingiverse

As a great addition to the event, @-Vagabound- found a good use for the overhead rope rig and demonstrated the process of preparing raw jute rope. Seeing such a skill practiced was incredibly invaluable for those present, and was an example of what we hope to see in the future workshops.


As the after-glow of our first session fades, we are still assessing how to constantly improve, so as to always serve our community better.

I was thrilled with the knowledge sharing and lively discussion between makers, as it was exactly what I had hoped for in this space. As we continue to grow, I canโ€™t wait to see where these connections lead.

As for things which we are looking to improve: the layout will need to be optimized if we find that more people are working concurrently. To help us with this, please let us know when you will be joining on the event page!

On the topic of layout and space, having space for creative hobbies was mentioned to me. An area could be set aside for quieter creativity such as; writing, drawing, or even dreaming. All forms of creativity are welcome!

As a gentle reminder, the provided food and cash bar were only for the inaugural event. Coffee, soft-drinks, and snacks will be available for purchase, from the venue, for all forthcoming events, unless otherwise advertised.

This week, the cost structure of the membership will be sorted out and posted, as well as a guest / drop-in price. Membership will be required starting the first event in February, so you still have time to come check us out and see what the fun is all about ๐Ÿ™‚

Once again, above all, Thank you! and see you next weekend.

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